Chinese name:广东精美医疗科技有限公司
English name: Guangdong JINME Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
A15, New Light Source Industrial Base, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong Province, China
Sales Number:
Global sales: +86 757-88777997
After-sales Service:
Address: Guangdong JINME Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Hotline: +86 757-63825985
Working hours:
08:00-12:00 am.
13:30-17:30 pm.
Complaints and suggestions:
If you are willing to give us your valuable advice, or you are dissatisfied with our work.
Please send your email to Sales manager mailbox:
(Note: please include the "customer complaints", in order to respond to and deal with it in a timely manner.)
National sales network(Only special agents)