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Children's oral cavity is an important bridge linking the dentist with the patient's family, if the children’s oral cavity doing not good, it’s difficult to do the family’s oral cavity well.

In fact, dentists would meet the headache problems in the children’s oral cavity treatment:

1. The children patients with extremely fear and uncooperative affect the quality of the treatment.

2. The head of the handpiece is too big to put into the children’s mouth, and the operational space is narrow, cannot fix the precise point.

3. The ordinary bur is too long, it may cause the accidently injure.

4. China has 230 million children, 66% of them with caries.

5. It’s no more delay to do the children’s oral cavity well for every dentist, every clinic.

J4 MINI Head handpiece:

One handpiece with special design for children:

9mm extraordinary miniature head, leaves much more flexible and bigger operational space in children’s oral cavity.

Equipped with professional short shank diamond burs for children’s teeth, make the dentists treatment more convenient and precise.

Cooperate with the advanced German supplier on miniature bearing so as to provides the guarantee for the supper-long life span of the handpiece.


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