Built-in constant pressure regulator

Longer life span

Built-in constant pressure regulator mainly prevented the cartridge's damage when the air pressure exceed during dental treatment. J3 has set its highest air pressor to 0.35 Mpa to longer dental handpiece's life span, then our dentist won't worry about the damage from high air pressure any more.

Quick-stop system ensure the safety

Most handpiece would keep 3-4 seconds inertial rotation when turn down the air button, if the handpiece not complete stop, the tongue and lips of patients would be hurt when take handpiece out from mouth. J3 can be stop in one second,which can be reduce the waiting time and injury in month.

Low noise for hearing protection

Generally speaking, handpiece sound is more than 70 db, which causes the tension of patients and directly impact the treatment of doctors. Long time in very noisy environment, it will be bad for doctor and patient listening. We control the J3’s sound under 60db, making patients are no longer nervous, while protecting doctors and listening health of the patient.

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