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IDS Cologne, Germany - Feel the pleasure of JINME's products beating at your fingertips on site

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IDS, the world's largest international dental exhibition, is successfully taking place in Cologne, Germany, on March 14, 2023. The trade fair is held every two years and will be celebrating its 100th birthday at the same time in 2023, which is exactly the 40th year. About 2,000 exhibitors from 65 countries and regions will be present at the show, which will open its doors to about 160,000 visitors from 160 countries and regions.

As a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of dental equipment, dental devices and dental consumables, Fine Medical has always insisted on the mission of "making dentist's treatment easier", and combined with the development trend of dental clinical treatment, took the lead in launching constant pressure handpieces, pediatric handpieces, minimally invasive extraction handpieces, six-hole fiber optic It has been well received by dental experts and dentists in the industry and has more than 100 users in domestic tertiary hospitals.

JINME will bring its latest product, ---- dental surgery power system, to the century-old 2023 International Dental Exhibition in Cologne, Germany. Let's take a wonderful trip into JINME's booth together and feel the pleasure of the dental micro power system beating at your fingertips!

The same exhibition scenery, different boutique style, JINME dealers and customers around the world gathered together to share the 100 years of glory of the Cologne exhibition, the high light of JINME, JINME will also use the best products, the strongest performance, the highest quality service to show customers the charm of the JINME brand.

Dental Surgery Power System - JINME Highlight

JINME dental surgery power system is a dental treatment equipment developed by JINME Medical through a lot of clinical research, specifically for oral treatment (such as tooth extraction, aesthetic restoration, implantation, etc. as one).

JINME dental surgical power system, based on dental s surgical power system, combined with a large number of doctors' clinical feedback, visited major specialized dental hospitals, and combined with dental experts' clinical practice recommendations, innovative research and development of dental general treatment equipment that integrates extraction, implant, orthognathic, aesthetic restoration, etc. More than the industry's current micro-power system, the comprehensive and powerful clinical application of JINME dental surgery d-power system has greatly facilitated patients' oral treatment needs in the clinic.

JINME Team -- Strong Glory

Dream as a horse, achieve extraordinary,JINME Medical has been able to cultivate the dental medical device industry for 15 years, we care not about business first, but whether dentists are satisfied with our products, JINME's team is working hard every day to make safer, more precise and durable products for dentists, JINME's staff will always keep the love, the future is bound to be a sea of stars!