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The Northeast International Dental Exhibition|Focus on the JINME's hot scene

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01 The Northeast International Dental Exhibition Details

The Northeast International Dental Exhibition (CNDE) has been held continuously since 1999, and after twenty-three years of careful cultivation, the exhibition has leaped forward, aiming to show the academic level of dentistry, increase the communication between medical skills, and promote the progress of academic level, and has developed into one of the professional events in China's dental industry. It has become the fourth largest dental professional exhibition in China after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

As a professional R&D manufacturer of dental medical equipment products in China, Fine Medical has participated in the Northeast International Dental Exhibition for many times, this exhibition is a leading knowledge platform, but also a gathering of elites, fine focus on dental medical technology innovation, will continue to bring cutting-edge products dental surgical power system and the company's full range of products, quality-oriented, service-oriented, to obtain the majority of dentists We will continue to bring cutting-edge products and a full range of dental surgical power systems to achieve the trust of dentists with quality and service orientation.

02 JINME's Live Spectacular

March 22-25, 2023, JINME held a 4-day event at the Northeast International Dental Exhibition in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. Thanks to every dentist and distributor friend who came to JINME's booth and left their footprints at JINME's booth, the exhibition site was so popular that many customer doctors reached purchase intentions on site after experiencing the products.

JINME's booth showcased the new dental surgical power system, and the exhibitors were inundated with visitors, many of whom took the initiative to inquire about the products at the booth and showed great interest in seeking cooperation, while some customers immediately placed orders for the products at the booth.

03 JINME's Starry Starry Project

JINME also invites awesome teachers to come and give clients training on minimally invasive aesthetic restoration operations, explaining the basic theory related to oral implants, immediate implant hard and soft tissue treatment and aesthetic area restoration methods, alveolar ridge preservation techniques and immediate weight-bearing methods for edentulous implants.

We also invited doctors to use JINME's Dental Surgical Power System for live demonstrations, which attracted many visitors, many of whom tried it themselves, and the beautiful Dental Surgical Power System was highly praised.