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Configuration parameters
Model SU

Air pressure


Adaptor Tow holes or four holes
Rotate speed


Head height ¢11.25mm × H13.45mm
Diameter cartridge 9.5mm
Bearing (German imports)Steel bearing
Sterilization Can be 135℃ sterilized


  • J2’s neck is 9.1MM, which design allows the handpiece to easily reach any treatment area of the mouth, and provide a clear vision for the treatment area to improve the efficiency of treatment.

  • The clean head system be built-in turbine head is to prevent the pressure changes caused by blood, viruses and so on into the handpiece through the head of the device when stop working. At the same time, no foreign body into the bearing, which can asubstantial increase the life span of bearings.

  • The top of the caitridge with a movable structure, increase the balance of the upper and lower bearings, which mainly ensure avoid friction with the rear cover when the cartridge in a high-speed rotation condition.

  • The four grooves designed of cartridge make the excess gas smoothly discharge, to reduce the noise when the handpiece is working, and protect the normal rotor number of cutting.