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Configuration parameters



Air pressure

0.35 (Mpa) -0.35 (Mpa)

Water pressure

198Kpa (2Kg)

Forward rotation speed

19 (krpm)

Reverse rotation speed

18 (krpm)


0.4 (N) -0.45 (N)

Bur size

Φ2.334-Φ2.355 (mm)

Water flow rate

90 (min / ml) -110 (min / ml)

Working pressure

0.2 (Mpa) -0.23 (Mpa)


Connecting holes

≤ 60dB

2/4 holes

M1 External water spray Low speed handpiece

  • External waterway, can connect polishing brush, polishing ring, grinding head, root canal expansion needle

  • Press-type needle-taking way, convenient and quick

  • Motor with independent research and development of self-lubricating function, will not be used for a long time to use the phenomenon of 【patented technology ZL201220746010.6】

  • Very small jitter frequency, the operation is more smoothly

  • Stainless Steel Clasp,Can be autoclaved no more than 135℃