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Configuration parameters


Rotating speed


280000r/min - 360000r/min

Noise ≤60dB
LED brightness

18000LUX Color temperature:5500(K) - 6000(K)

Working pressure 0.3Mpa - 0.35Mpa
Power 22W
Bearing (German imports)Steel bearing
Sterilization Can be 135℃ sterilized

Never ever damaged LED2.0

  • Typical double sealed protection.Add special metal made protective casing to cover the sealed LED bead,meanwhile,cover the tip of protection casing with heat resisting transparent gels.The LED bead will 100% withstand the 135 degree high temperature and pressure sterilization,thoroughly solve the industrial difficulties in the frequently damaged in LED durability.

  • Zero-retraction system,avoid imqurities,blood and virus suck into the cartridge when the handpiece stops workong,which highly increase the service life of bearings

  • Solve the problem that no water spray due to too much air pressure.

  • Cooperate with the advanced German supplier which expertise in miniature bearing so as to prolong the life span of the handpiece.