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J7 Quick Coupling Handpiece

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Technical parameters

Product model
Product code
Order number
Air pressure
Rotation speed
Noise ≤60dB
Atomizing water pressure
Working water pressure
Water flow ≥90ml/min
Radial run-out
jumping value of testing rod≤0.03mm
Surface Titanium coating
Water spray
Triple water spray
Chuck type
Push button
Cartridge Open type
Bearing German bearings
Sterilization Can be sterilized no more than 135 degree
Other Anti-retraction system

J7 Quick Coupling Handpiece

  • Adopt the world's top miniature bearings to ensure the durability of handpiece. Meanwhile, bearings also make the handpiece perform well in terms of noise and vibration.

  • It’s worth noting that the anti retraction system is designed to avoid the suction of residues or impurities into inner part of handpiece.By this way, it can effectively prevent damage to the mechanical performance of the handpiece and set up a solid defense against cross-infection.

  • Triple water spray has excellent performance in cooling effect, which avoid discomfort caused by excess heat of patient’s teeth during cutting.

  • Turn the situation of slowly screwing handpieces into 1 second quick connection. Under the medical principle of “one handpiece for individual patient”, the quick connecting handpiece greatly saves the time to replace handpieces for different patients.The handpiece is with 360 degree swiveling quick connection,which will enhance the dentist’s flexibility in direction turning during operation.