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J45 LED minimally invasive dental handpiece with light source

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Technical parameters
Product model
Product code
Order number
Bur size
Working air pressure
0.28MPa - 0.3MPa
Rotating speed 320000-340000rpm/min
Noise ≤60dB
Atomizing air pressure
Working water pressure
Water flow 90ml/min-110ml/min
Radial run-out
Appearance Titanium coating
Spray system
4-hole water spray
Bur locking system
push button
Cartridge type exposed cartridge
Bearings German bearings
Disinfection method Autoclaving In temperature as high as 135 degree
Others rear exhaust, zero-retraction, LED light source

J45 (LED) minimally invasive dental handpiece with light source

  • To ensure sufficient cooling of the grinding head of its diamond bur and teeth in multiple directions.There is no airflow in the water column to avoid subcutaneous emphysema during surgery too.

  • Greater power output comparing to the same category of products, to reduce the patient's physical and mental burden, and shorten the dentist's treatment time.

  • Zero-retraction system, avoid impurities, blood and virus entering into the cartridge when the handpiece stop working, ensure the clean environment of handpiece, which highly increase the service life of handpiece.

  • Unique rear exhaust design,typical rear exhaustion effectively prevents complications such as air embolism and soft tissue infections.