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Telescopic denture repair process

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Telescopic denture repair process

First, case determination stage

1.The doctor took the patient's observation model and the occlusal record.


2.Based on the patient's observation model and occlusal recording, the mechanic determines the direction of the in-position and the preparation of the abutment on the precision jaw frame. When necessary, the preparation of teeth to guide resin cover, equivalent to the form of a temporary crown.



Second, the production stage of the inner crown

1.The doctor in accordance with the recommendations of the mechanic and the instructions in the model, the teeth to take the mold. General teeth on the lip or cheek teeth than the teeth of the teeth slightly more than 0.3mm, the width of the shoulder 1.0mm or so, right angle and shallow concave type can be. Near and far side, depending on the patient & apos; s needs, whether the preparation is in the form of a metal or a non-metal. The requirements of the mold and the porcelain teeth are the same.


2.Technicians in accordance with the doctor's model, according to the conventional production and individual tray on behalf of the type in accordance with the previously determined in place, the production of the crown, the crown after a high degree of polishing and individual tray to the doctor.



Third, the production and completion of the external crown

1.The doctor put the inner crown into the patient's mouth, observe the edge density, such as no problem, get accurate impression by the individual tray. Note: the crown must be worn on the abutment teeth on the mold, the crown copy in the female mold, remember not to shift and loose.


2.According to the physician's individual precision impression, copy the resin removable type; in accordance with the sleeve crown appearance requirements and the doctor's design requirements, the production of crown and stack or porcelain.



Fourth. Case completion

The doctor sent the technician, the crown and the crown to wear into the mouth of the patient to observe whether close and Alice; and then glued to the crown, the outer crown of the retention force debugging. At this point the repair case is completed, asked the patient, in accordance with the repair requirements of regular referral. There are problems in time to communicate with technicians.



The telescopic crown prostheses according to the above-described recipe will be a successful restoration. Interested doctors may wish to try.




What is the function of temporary crown:

1.Protect the gums after tooth preparation teeth lost the original shape of the crown, the gum also lost the original tooth support, it is easy to cause gingival damage, temporary crown wear can make the gum prevent damage, prevent gum collapse.


2.Provides aesthetics, especially in the anterior teeth, can play a beautiful role.


3.To protect the pulp from the pulp, the pulp can be isolated from all kinds of physical, chemical stimulation of the pulp damage.


4.Stabilization of the position of the teeth to prevent the preparation of the teeth after the occurrence of Meng Meng and near or far to the buccolingual or shift.


5.Chewing function can provide a certain number of dental restoration of chewing function.


6.The diagnostic function provides diagnostic information for the beauty of the prosthesis and the final determination of the occlusal relationship.