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Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization operation guidelines

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Step one

     In accordance with the standard preventive measures, additional protective mask.

Step two

The chair, after the pre cleaning treatment timely brake pedal flushing lumen for 30 seconds, with a wet cotton ball or 75% alcohol cotton ball wipe the surface of the mobile phone timely removal of visible dirt into the recycling box temporary special.

Step three

Moisturizing preservation. Add a special multi-enzyme solution to recover a little moisturizer preservation

Step four

Recovery, according to different doctors were placed, sealed delivery to the disinfection chamber

Step five


1.Manual cleaning: with enzyme cleaning solution or neutral cleaning solution for handpiece surface scrubbing lavage in the flow of water rinsing rinse water surface and lumen

2.Full automatic cleaning machine cleaning, the handpiece is securely installed in a dedicated washing rack, automatic completion of cleaning, rinsing, disinfection process

Step six


1.The manual cleaning with high-pressure air gun dry cavity and surface for handpiece

2.Automatic washing machine cleaning: automatic drying, disinfection

Step seven

  Maintenance: check the cleanliness of the choice of mobile phone, mobile phone cleaning oiling machine with air pump to complete the cleaning maintenance procedure or manual filling, make it dry.

Step eight

Packing: use paper and plastic bags, sealing or packaging materials in line with packaging specification

Step nine

Sterilization: first vacuum high-pressure steam sterilization sterilization or sterilization bare cassette sterilizer

Step ten

Release: check the sterilization monitoring, the use of sterile containers loaded under the use of clinical departments