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Recommendations for the use of dental handpiece

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Modern high-speed handpiece (that is, the turbine head) is driven by air driven high-speed rotation of the bur to cut teeth. Dental handpiece at the rated speed of rotation speed and accuracy of a direct impact on the doctor's treatment effect. The higher the rotational speed of the handpiece at the rated air pressure, the better the concentricity of the sleeve, the more accurate the area to be drilled, the easier the doctor will be and the less painful the patient will be. So the phone's rated speed of rotation in normal or not is particularly important.

Doctors often encounter the handpiece into the new bur but still not move the teeth, while the handpiece's driving pressure is normal, which often indicates that the handpiece speed rating, so by adjusting the pressure method to get higher Of the handpiece speed, in order to obtain a good cutting effect. In fact, this indicates that the handpiece there is a potential failure, the higher the pressure increase the more damage to the speed of the handpiece will eventually lead to handpiece no matter how high the pressure can not achieve the desired cutting effect, so we must replace the handpiece bearings . However, the high price of handpiece bearings, handpiece account for almost half the price, people can not accept. If the doctor can find this problem early, as long as the sale of personnel to find this phone can be saved as new one.

We know that mobile phone damage mainly because of its damage to mobile phone bearing, used in the Department of Stomatology drill, the influence factors of the internal bearing life in "fatigue" and "lubrication life" is the most prominent, so usually used in the process should pay attention to the following four points

1.Two high-speed handpiece are used interchangeably

Dental handpiece in the process of using bearing has been rotating at high speed, then the bearing ball in circulation kept to the inner and outer rings of bearing force for a long time will cause the bearing "mechanical fatigue", which directly affect the bearing life.

Doctors usually are used for standard configuration, equipped with two high-speed handpiece, if the doctor used a handpiece in a period of time (ten minutes) to replace the use of another handpiece, which is the two handpiece used alternately, thus greatly alleviate fatigue and the handpiece bearing life influence, thus greatly prolong the service life of the handpiece.

2.Bearing cleaning and lubrication is very important.

Clean in order to prevent the foreign body into the bearing increases with ball bearing inner ring of friction, this is a cleaning agent and lubricating oil will process the gas circuit water and foreign handpiece replacement. In order to reduce the lubrication between the ball and the inner and outer rings of bearing friction force, the handpiece can rotate at high speed.

Lubricating oil is a liquid handpiece, handpiece at the same time bearing high-speed rotation there will be a lot of loss of the bearing quickly in dry state, so we must strive to fill in before each use mobile phone to make handpiece timely in the lubrication state of the bearing

3.According to different brands and models of handpiece use the appropriate size of the driving pressure.

4.In the handpiece to use about three months or so on the handpiece in a timely manner to carry out professional maintenance.

This maintenance work needs to have the professional personnel in accordance with the certain steps to do.