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How to take care the dental handpiece

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First, before the handpiece disinfection to the handpiece, especially high temperature disinfection on the handpiece has a certain damage and must choose 3 pre vacuum mode to disinfect.

Disinfection must dry processing, in order to avoid handpiece rust.Now you may have four holes with handpiece, come on in the second when a big hole in it, don't add too much, 2 -- 3 drops is enough after add oil in three spray gun aimed at rooting holes blow, too close to the separation.Three pressure big, with a gun for the oil into the inside in order to better lubrication bearing

Every time before disinfection, remember to go to work, it is best to add an oil to all handpiece, dental handpiece to rest, let the oil better lubrication bearings, do not be afraid to waste oil.

2.Use of dental handpiece cleaning lubricants

Mobile oil and cleaning agent is not the same thing, although it is oily, but the effect is not the same.

Oil is used to lubricate the bearing lubricant, cleaning is used to help mobile phone bearing cleaning, each drill teeth or preparing my teeth, have a large number of teeth drilled into the collet and bearing mobile phone. If not cleaned up around these teeth, when the mobile phone to operate at a high speed while these tiny teeth on mobile phone will be a fatal wound.

3.BUR Usage Precautions

Frist, do not use inferior bur, because he is irregular, uneven thickness, dental handpiece clip does not live the bur. Dental handpiece is a kind of precision objects, a part of the problem, it is easy to damage the handpiece.

Second, frequently change the bur, the bur are badly worn on the dental handpiece is not good. Because you will give real tooth drilling force handpiece unconscious, but the dental handpiece is not force use, the consequences of using afterburner bearing deformation, easy to break. And the bearing will be broken.

Third, Loading and unloading problems. Screw the bur when the first left-handed, put the bur and then dextral, but do not spin too tight, grip the bur can be, as long as the bur in the process of not slipping can avoid screwing too tight, too Tight three-valve spring easily broken. Press the type of problems, the bur requires high, must use the international standard bur, or easily damaged.

4.Please dont fall and trip to the handpiece

When the handpiece is not as far as possible to the original empty bur into, buy a dental handpiece comes with. Dental handpiece drilling teeth or teeth in the process do not consciously to the dental handpiece afterburner, this would be a great damage to the handpiece, especially the denta,handpiece bearing ball, followed by the bur can lead to deformation.

5.On the driving force behind mobile phones - Air pressure

Compressor out of the gas must be strictly filtered, or impurities in the air inside the cell phone bearing damage, the mobile phone is high-speed operation, tiny impurities on the phone is a fatal injury.

High speed handpiece in normal use, the pressure will be adjusted to 0.20Mpa--0.22Mpa or so, do not be too high, high will damage the bearings.

Not because the drilling does not move and increase their own pressure, as is wrong. Drill fixed to see whether the normal pressure gauge? Very large probability is the car needle aging, change the other one.